San Carlos Squires Golf Ladder Rules


  • All participants mast be a member of San Carlos Squires
  • Must be a member of Squires N.C.G.A. golf club.
  • Must have paid Squires ladder entry fee of $10.
  • A participant can join but cannot challenge until he has established a Squires N.C.G.A. handicap.
  • Annual beginning ladder positions are determined by an initial drawing of numbered tokens.
  • A participant joining the ladder following the initial drawing automatically enters in last place.
  • Each participant improves his ladder position by challenging and scoring a lower net score than other participants challenged that are in a higher position on the ladder.
  • A participant challenging and having a lower net score than another participant higher on the ladder, will move ahead of challenged participant’s position. However, other winning challengers will affect  each challenger’s position on the ladder for the next tournament.
  • When 2 or more players challenge and beat (by scoring a lower net score) another player, the challenger that was previously higher on the ladder will remain higher than the others (i.e., players in positions 10 and 15 both challenge position 5 and beat him, position 10 challenger will be higher on the ladder than position 15 challenger.)
  • A player in a lower 1adder position will move above a higher position player if he challenges and beats an interim position player that the higher position player did not challenge and beat (i.e., position 10 and 15 both challenged and beat position 5, position 15 also challenged and beat position 7, and position 10 did not; then position 15 player will move above position 10 player).
  • Basically, the higher a position that a player challenges and beats, the higher position on the ladder he will attain for the next tournament.
  • A player, who does not participate in a tournament for whatever reason, will drop 5 spots, no more, no less.
  • As stated in 7-11, a player improves his position on the ladder by challenging and beating a player in a higher position on the ladder.. When a challenger does not beat players challenged with a lower net score, the challenger pays a $.50 fee for each ladder position between himself and the player(s) challenged. One half of the challenge fee is paid to the challenged player for defending his challenger. The other half accumulates in a pool during the tournament year for disbursement in prizes following the final tournament of the year (ladder championship).
  • Net scores, as determined by the handicap chairman are used to determine ladder positions. If a net score error occurs or if an error is made in establishing ladder positions following each tournament the match results will be recalculated after making the correction.
  • Challenges must be made before a tournament begins. Challenges may be made by email, telephone, text or in person. Acceptable challenges are: “all above”, “5 up”, “up to 13”, and “Carl, Joe and Scott”. Challenges do not have to be contiguous.
  • At the end of the year the pool will be divided among the top 5 finishers who have played at least 5 tournaments during the year as follows: 50%, 25%, 12.5%, 6.25%, 3.125%. Any money remaining in the pool will be carried over to the next year.s

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