Board Meeting November 12, 2014

There was a San Carlos Squires Board of Directors meeting Wednesday night, November 12, 2014.  Several issues were discussed and voted on.  Here are the highlights.

Dues –
Dues will be raised to $100/year for returning members and $110/first year for new members.  Dues are due by December 15.  If your dues are not received by December 15th, your name will not be forwarded to NCGA as a continuing member and  you will pay $110 if you wish to rejoin.  The additional  dues will be used to host one or more after tournament events.

Flights –
We will expand to three flights this year.  In addition, the flights will be flexible, depending on the the number and distribution of players.  For example, if we have 30 players, each flight will be ten players.  If we have 33 players, there will be eleven in each flight.  Players on the cusp may find themselves competing in the first flight in one tournament and the second flight in the next.

Alternate Payment Methods –
We are looking into ways of accepting credit cards and debit cards for tournament signups for the convenience of our members.  Cash or check only was deemed to restrictive this past year.

Election of Officers –
The board has nominated a slate of officers for the coming year.  If you would like to serve as one of the four officers, please let Alex ( know.  The nominees by the board are: Rick Lemos, President, Dennis Agresti, Vice President, Alex Phillips, Secretary, and Carl Garbe, Treasurer.

Members Meeting –
There will be a members meeting in early February, before the first tournament, time, place and date to be determined.  All rules, processes and the  tournament schedule will be covered.

Thanks for your attention.

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